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Imperial Nemesis: Rome vs. Parthia

Jasper discusses Rome vs and Parthia with Phillip Lindsay Powell, Murray Dahm and Michael Taylor. Dur:40min File: .mp3

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Special - The Falaise Gap As the allies broke out from the D Day beachhead the Americans moved South into Brittany, while the British and Canadians were held by the Germans at Caen. As the US First Army moved up from the South toward Caen, Field Marshal G√ľnther von Kluge was ordered by Hitler not to withdraw. In early August of 1944 the noose began to tighten, creating a pocket round the town of Falaise encircling the German Seventh and Fifth Panzer Armies. This report is brought to you by Richard C.Hottelet for CBS, broadcast from London in August of 1944. Filmed at Pickering, North Yorkshire, with the Northern WWII Association. Dur:3min 37sec File: .m4v
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