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As night fell on July 4, 1863, the fate of the Confederate States of America had been sealed. General Robert E. Lee's second attempt to invade the Union had been turned back at Gettysburg with heavy and irreplaceable losses. In the west the city of Vicksburg surrendered to Ulysses Grant, severing the Eastern and Western portions of the Confederacy and denying the Confederates use of the Mississippi River. The Confederacy would fight the remainder of the war on the defensive, with steadily dwindling resources. Dur: 18mins File: .mp3

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In our second podcast we decided to look at the little men we craft into soldiers and how they are produced. 

Angus chats with Leon Pengilly from Pendraken who produce 10mm led miniatures and carry possibly one of the most extensive ranges to game almost every period, and Julian Blakeney-Edwards from Victrix who produce 28mm hard plastic figures.

Regular columnists Rossco and Paul discuss lead vs plastic, and Ancient Warfare Magazine regular Murray Dahm looks at double envelopment and how we can attempt it at the gaming table.

You can find the podcast on

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Throughout history there have been many versions of armoured cavalrymen. In the west we might typically think back to the medieval Knight. Dig down a little deeper and we find that its precursor was the Frankish panzerotti from the 8th 9th and 10th century, however long before this with its Origins in Iran was the cataphract. Dur: 16mins File: .mp3

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