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Podtrail 01 - Soho, London Welcome to the Soho Podtrail, brought to you by This is a guided tour of London’s Soho area, it is by no means all there is to see so if you feel the urge to take a diversion just pause your mp3 player and do so. You may also find it fun to print out the pdf of the trail and follow the map as you wander along, the map is available from, where you will find other podtrails. If you are listening to this on an ipod you will find that the file has been given chapters, you can move backward or forward through the chapters at will. If say, you only had time for half the trail you could easily find where you left off. In addition if your ipod supports colour pictures, you’ll find some relevant pictures poping up throughout the trail. Dur: 28min File: AAC Website: or
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