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By 1936, the SS under Himmler was in charge of all police forces in Germany and with that came the duty to protect Hitler at all times. Yet apart from his personal escort Hitler preferred not to have local police or military involved. He believed that remaining inconspicuous, apart from appearances at official ceremonies, was an integral part of his safety. For that reason Hitler's transport, be it automobile, aeroplane or train, were kept free of extensive insignia and other identifying factors. Dur: 24mins File: .mp3

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Starting officially in 1977, the U.S. Air Force implemented one of its most secretive, ambitious, and successful intelligence programs in its history, an amazing story that is still relatively unknown to this day. Through the ten-year life of its program, USAF personnel were able to acquire close to thirty Soviet MiG fighter, fighter-bomber, and interceptor aircraft for use in both evaluation and training of American and NATO fighter pilots. Although closely associated with many other U.S. intelligence-gathering programs, Constant Peg stands alone for both the depth and breadth of understanding it was able to achieve, that is, Soviet aircraft technology and tactics during the Cold War. Dur: 39mins File: .mp3

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