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Of the Battle of Valmy, military historian J.F.C Fuller, wrote, "The Cannonade of Valmy was more than a military event; it drew a line between the form war had taken since 1648 and the form it was to assume after 1792." The events leading up to the Battle of Valmy are a good representation of such changes in political and military situations in both Revolutionary France, and the rest of Europe at that time. Dur: 26mins File: .mp3

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True cavalry with men mounted on horse back started to appear from the 9th century BC, as chariots were slowly replaced. Imposing they were used in shock charges, their rapid movement made them ideal for reconnoissance, screening an army and for chasing down the enemy. Though despite there usefulness they only remained a small part of a Mediterranean army, comprising of perhaps only some 10% of the total numbers. In the late Roman empire period cavalry drawn from Northern Europe became more prevalent.

The expense of the horse and equipment often made it the province of aristocrats, creating at times divisions in social and political status between that of the infantry and cavalry.

In this episode Jasper, Josho, Murray, Lindsay and Michael consider questions of the tactical roll of the cavalry, the logistics of providing for the cavalry and their weapons and equipment, and the social status of the cavalry and use of "Barbarians".

Dur: 50min

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Mata Hari is one of the "best known" spies of World War One. While she may not have been a "saint" by any stretch of the imagination - it is said that she "drew every man's lustful admiration and every woman's envy" - there's plenty of speculation as to whether she was really guilty of the espionage for which she was accused and for which she paid the ultimate price...execution by firing squad on 15th October 1917. Dur: 22mins File: .mp3

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