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The Dessert War or Western Desert Campaign was one of the two major stages of the North Africa Campaign of WW2. The Western Desert was crucial to the allied forces being able to continue their fight against the Germans following allied defeats and losses in Greece and Crete. It was imperative that the Western Desert remained in the control of allied forces. The first Major Allied Operation of the Western Desert Campaign was codenamed Operation Compass. Dur: 14mins File: .mp3

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To commemorate our 6 millionth download this week, we've gone back in the archives and edited a two-parter from season 10 together on Lettow-Vorbeck. Enjoy!... The lasting image of the First World War is that of trench warfare. However, far away from the trenches of the Western Front an extraordinary struggle was fought in a remote corner of Africa. When Germany went to war in August 1914 it possessed but few colonial possessions mainly situated in Africa. Dur: 52mins File: .mp3

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The Battle of Adowa stands out during the scramble for Africa of the 19th century. It was was that rare event of a native African army defeating a well equipped, modern European force. Dur: 18mins File: .mp3

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