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In the latest podcast we focus on terrain, or more specifically terrain boards and mats. Which is better? What do people prefer? With expert comment provided by Mel "the terrain tutor", Eric Lauterbach from the WWPD Network and from Cigar Box Battle Mats Cory Ring and Chris Ward.

As usual Guy, Jasper and Angus are joined by the berserkers from Brixham, Rossco and Paul.

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Show Notes

Escape from Colditz
EBob Miniatures 
Mel "The Terrain Tutor"
Cigar Box Battle Mats
Terra Tiles, from Rainn Studios
Project 217
Eagle Rampant, WSS 80


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In our second podcast we decided to look at the little men we craft into soldiers and how they are produced. 

Angus chats with Leon Pengilly from Pendraken who produce 10mm led miniatures and carry possibly one of the most extensive ranges to game almost every period, and Julian Blakeney-Edwards from Victrix who produce 28mm hard plastic figures.

Regular columnists Rossco and Paul discuss lead vs plastic, and Ancient Warfare Magazine regular Murray Dahm looks at double envelopment and how we can attempt it at the gaming table.

You can find the podcast on

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Why we game

In this pilot episode of the podcast Guy Bowers (editor WSS Magazine), Jasper Oorthuys (managing director at Karwansaray Publishers) and Angus Wallace (some guy who makes podcasts) investigate why people play wargames and where does the hobby come from.

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